Benefits of Meditation

It is very easy to get distracted in today’s world. We forget to allow ourselves the time to be quiet, to give ourselves mental head space.
One of the most important ‘tools’ that I have learned to use is meditation. I have actually been meditating since I was a child. My mother taught myself and my sisters how to meditate when we were young, and even as a child I could feel the benefits of this practice. It gives you a feeling of intense relaxation and quiet calm. As I got older I went on to train with her. In my adult life I found myself grow distant from my meditation practice. It didn’t ‘fit in’ with my life as I strove to be ‘normal’ what ever that is! Denying this part of myself had a suffocating effect. I didn’t feel like me.

meditation in natureIn recent years I have returned to my wellness path and I have used meditation to come back to myself, bring myself back into alignment with the real me. Some days I do a nice long meditation although this isn’t always practical, so I set an achievable goal for myself, 10 minutes of daily practice.

Each morning before work I do a quick 10 minute meditation to prepare myself for the day. I have been told that I bounce into the office in the mornings and I attribute it to this. I am intentionally setting the mental pace for myself for the day by going into work calm and centred. It honestly makes me feel more confident and gives me the focus that I need.

For somebody starting out 2 mins could be enough to make a significant difference to your overall well-being. Not into sitting still?? Then try incorporating meditation into your daily walk.

dawn meditation

There are many different types of meditation and you don’t have to be a guru to use the techniques. Starting off with short simple breathing exercises and visualisation techniques can help to set you on the right path.
There are scientifically proven benefits to a daily meditation practice, such as reduced stress and anxiety, increased positive emotion and improved cognitive function, it can even cause physical changes in the body such as reduced blood pressure. It is definitely a must have in my book.

Wellness is about looking after body, mind, and spirit, it is important to take the time to allow our minds to relax and forget about the everyday stresses we encounter. Our mental health has a big impact on our overall health and well being, it is often the part that we overlook. Giving yourself the time to relax and unwind will benefit those around you also.

I encourage you to try a meditation practice. Check out youtube or find a podcast offering a guided meditation. I promise that once you try it, you will never go back!!


Meditation, meditating


As always I would love to get your feedback, please comment below or indeed if you have any questions just contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram….

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