Energy Healing

Descending from a family of healers and psychics, Amy grew up with an interest in alternative therapies and has discovered the benefit of living the wellness way naturally. She has trained in different healing modalities including Reiki and Energy Healing.

Energy healing recognises that we are not just physical beings but spiritual beings, just as wellness incorporates the well-being of body, mind and spirit. Energy healing is designed to bring the sitter to a state of deep relaxation. Focusing on the movement of energy through the body, to bring the sitter into alignment and encourage the inherent ability of the body to heal itself.

During an energy healing session, participants often experience a feeling of great calm and well-being.

“I just had a energy healing with Amy. It was a deeply relaxing and an other worldly experience. I got totally lost in it and feel great after it. Amy has a lovely energy herself so this made me feel very welcome and relaxed. Thank you Amy” – Katherine

Amy offers Energy Healing sessions at The Sanctuary in Lisdoonvarna.
Sessions last approximately 45mins.
Cost €50 per session.

Remote Sessions

Amy is also offering Energy Healing Sessions remotely, to accommodate those who would like a session, but need to social distance. You can book an online session with Amy below.

For enquiries:
T: 086 4034965